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Idaho Health Insurance Marketplace-Exchange Enrollment Center:

Welcome to the Falls Insurance Center, Inc. online Idaho Marketplace-Exchange Enrollment Center.  Here you will be able to follow a simple step by step method of enrollment into the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange. If you would like assistance we have computers set up in our office for your convenience in enrollment in the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange.  Our office is located at 885 S. Holmes Ave, Idaho Falls ID 83401.  If you would like to complete this process in the comfort of your home but would like assistance please call Josh Tieken in our office 208-523-7100.

Getting Started:


Items Needed: Email Address, Full Names, Dates of Birth, Social Security Numbers, Income information for anyone in your household who is declared a dependent on your same federal income tax return.  Documents for eligible immigrants (if individual is not a U.S. citizen).  Current Personal/Employer insurance information including a. Plan Name b. Policy Number c. Member I.D. Number

Items You May Need: Pay Stubs, W2, or Information about Income, Information about payments such as Alimony or child support, or other sources of income

Research Companies and Plans:


*DISCLAIMER: Do not enroll directly from these websites. To receive the subsidy discount, you must follow the enrollment steps below.*



Helpful Links: 

Subsidy Calculator:

Premium Assistance Indicator:

CMS Application Instructions:

CMS Paper Application:

CMS Acronyms:

ACA Term Glossary

ACA Key Dates for Open Enrollment

ACA Qualifying Outside Open Enrollment

IRS Facts about The Premium Tax  Credit

ACA Penalties

ACA Exemptions


Important Phone Numbers:

The Falls Insurance Center, Inc.  – 208-523-7100

Federal Marketplace – 1-800-318-2596

Idaho Exchange, Your Health Idaho – 1-855-944-3246

Idaho Health and Welfare – 1-877-456-1233


Enrollment Steps:

* Recommended Browser: Google Chrome

1.         Print this List:

2.         Open your email account or have it on your cell phone; it will be needed quickly in step 9

(If you do not have an email address you will need to make one as it is a required step of the verification process.)

3.         Click here: 

**NOTE** Due to system capacity the application process is slow.  Take your time and only click once!  After a selection wait until your selection field has completed.

4.         Choose "Apply Now"    

5.         Select your State and Apply

6.         Create an Account: Begin filling out personal name identification fields; this will include an email address. if yo do not have an email address this will allow you to make one here. 

7.         Begin filling out personal name identification fields; this will include an email address.  If you do not have an email address, this will allow you to make one here.

8.         Click “Next” and continue to follow application instructions

9.         Set up User Name, Password, and Security Questions

10.       Access email account (IMMEDIATELY!) and find email from (

11.        Follow the link in step 9.  This will take a few minutes for the verification process

(If it goes through you will get a positive confirmation, if not you will have to start over at step 2)                           

12.      Apply and shop for coverage for me and/or my family. 

13.        Accept Conditions

14.        Choose options similar to step 3 (Individual or Employer)

15.        Verify your identity

16.        Continue to application and begin

17.        Select Help from Agent or Broker

18.        Fill in one of the following Agent name and info:

Agent Name

FFM or CMS User I.D.

National Producer Number

Rodney M Tieken



Joshua L Tieken




19.        Complete application questions

20.     Income:

  1. Household Income: Sum of Modified Adjusted Gross Income of the primary tax filer and all dependents with a filing requirement within a tax household
  2. Modified Adjusted Gross Income: Adjusted gross income on the federal income tax return increased by
  • Any excluded foreign income
  • Nontaxable portion of social security benefits
  • Tax-exempt interest received or accrued during the taxable year

21.     When your application validates, it should bring you to a page to view your eligiblity results or continue enrollment. A link may be sent to your email. Follow the link and log back in to look at the top of the page for a download option for available notices.

22.     This notice will download as a pdf and tell you the programs that you are eligible for: Medicaid, Tax Subsidy, or Tax Subsidy and Cost Sharing. 

! Read the entire document as there are timelines for certain eligible status’ !      

23.     Call or schedule an appointment with The Falls Insurance Center, Inc. to assist in the enrollment for one of the eligible plans on your Eligibility Validation Document from the Marketplace.

Our Location

The Falls Insurance Center, Inc.

885 S. Holmes Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Main office: 208-523-7100
Fax: 208-529-0168

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We have had a policy on our home, vehicles and our Recreational vehicles for almost 40 years with Falls Insurance. Our contact there, Christine, goes above and beyond for us. We have so appreciated the service we have been given, so when it was time to get our Medicare insurance, we contacted Falls Insurance. They were great. We met with Josh who explained all of the insurance benefits and even had costs for my meds. When I had a question he would immediately answer me with a phone call or email. I know most of the agents there and their service is excellent.

Jean A.
I first called Josh when I lived out of state and was contemplating moving to the Idaho Falls. He took the time to make us feel we would be welcomed to the area. We did indeed buy a home and he was even kind enough to check on the house while I was still 2500 miles away. He has helped us with all of our insurance needs and helped us navigate the Obamacare maze . He has saved us thousands of dollars per year with his knowledge and expertise of the insurance industry.

Nick P.